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You Deserve More Than Just Asset Management

What is Wealth Management Advising?

The Mustico Group views Wealth Management Advising as a dynamic, proactive service that is designed to maximize the benefits and strategies used by various professionals, including Attorneys, CPAs, and Investment Managers. It is only through coordination of these strategies that you may develop a plan to fully realize the benefits of the professions, and know that you and your family are fully prepared for the challenges and roadblocks in planning for a successful financial future.

Once the proper combination of strategies are chosen, your Wealth Management Advisor will assist in its implementation, including proper investment allocation and asset management, maximizing tax situations, and obtaining necessary legal documents and retitling assets for protection purposes.

Continued financial success demands utilization of expertise and knowledge to monitor and coordinate the complex financial planning strategies utilized by various professionals. A comprehensive plan is only as good as the individual who prepares and monitors it. Thus, your Wealth Management Advisor must possess sufficient competencies in all of the following areas in order to coordinate the overlapping areas of expertise.

Overlapping Areas of Expertise:

What are the Keys to a Successful Retirement?

Protecting Assets from Long-term Care Costs:
The high costs of long-term care are often the greatest threat to your retirement assets. Proactive planning can often protect you in the event of a stroke, Alzheimer’s, or other such event. The Mustico Group can help develop many legal and insurance strategies that may be available to assist with such scenarios, especially if structured well in advance.

Avoiding Income Taxes:
Income taxes are too often only secondary considerations in retirement planning, resulting in the erosion of assets. The Mustico Group can help you utilize the myriad of tax laws, resulting in profound savings over your retirement years.

Preserving Wealth from Unnecessary Risk:
Proper investing includes diversification among several asset classes and market sectors. The Mustico Group can help you avoid subjecting yourself to prolonged and unnecessary risk through proper investment allocation.

Growing Assets in line with Risk Tolerance:
Once we determine your goals and risk tolerance, the next step is to maximize the return on your assets through the utilization of proper asset management. The Mustico Group will assist with ongoing investment selection, diversification, and sector and market timing.

Transferring Assets Efficiently:
Inefficient transfer of assets upon death can result in increased probate and administration costs and estate taxes (which may be as high as 50% of the taxable assets). In addition, lack of planning can lead to hard feelings and upset family members. The Mustico Group helps plan a more efficient transition of your assets to the intended recipients.

Constant Monitoring and Modification:
Continued financial prosperity requires constant monitoring and review of your planning strategies in light of changes in laws, IRS tax regulations, economic environment, market trends, as well as your personal goals, objectives and financial situation. Proper planning should evolve, rather than remain static. At The Mustico Group, we use our expertise to help you keep up with the ever changing landscape that affects your personal financial situation.


  • Coordination of all your professional needs.
  • A Chief Financial Officer for your family.
  • Personal attention to you and your portfolio.
  • Investment management tailored for you.
  • Access to no-load investments.
  • Access to World-class Investment Managers.
  • Continuous monitoring of your financial plan.
  • The freedom to enjoy your retirement.
  • Independent, objective advice.
  • A professional you can trust.

Do you have a need for a WEALTH MANAGEMENT ADVISOR?

  • Do you have difficulty monitoring the changing laws, tax regulations and economic and market trends?
  • Do you want to protect your assets for you and your loved-ones, from the costs of long-term care, taxation and erosion?
  • Do you want to be properly prepared if you or a loved one should have a stroke, aneurysm, Alzheimer’s, or similar health problem?
  • Is your current Advisor sufficiently watching your assets to insure that you are not taking too many risks with your investments?
  • Do you want to spend less time, complexity and worry managing your assets, and spend more time enjoying your retirement?
  • Do you have difficulty coordinating and monitoring the advanced strategies used by your Attorney, CPA and Investment Advisor?
  • Do you desire additional expertise to effectively plan for life’s financial challenges?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you may be an ideal candidate for Wealth Management Advising. You should consider obtaining a Free Financial Review. The items necessary for a comprehensive review are as follows:

  • Most recent income tax return;
  • Banking, brokerage, and retirement statements (showing positions and value);
  • Pensions and/or social security estimates;
  • Basic information on life, disability and long-term care insurance;
  • Amount of other assets and/or liabilities; and
  • Wills, trusts and any other legal documents.

MICHAEL W. MUSTICO CPA, J.D., Financial Advisor


Michael W. Mustico is a premiere Wealth Management Advisor, achieved through his unique experience practicing as an Attorney-at-Law, a CPA, and a Financial Advisor. Michael performs the difficult task of integrating Estate and Income Tax strategies, Asset Protection planning strategies, and Investment strategies.


Michael has an extensive educational background. He graduated cum laude in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame, and has attained a Juris Doctorate from the Syracuse University College of Law. Michael constantly completes continuing education on advanced planning strategies.


Michael has valuable experience practicing as both a CPA and an Estate Planning Attorney. This includes planning in the Personal Financial Planning Division of a “Big 6” accounting firm. There he prepared financial plans for mid to high net worth clients, and also authored their Handbook for Financing Long-term Care. He also practiced as a Tax and Estate Planning Attorney in Syracuse, as well as locally. Michael more recently acted as a Financial Advisor and Branch Manager for Merrill Lynch in Elmira. Michael left this position in order to form his own company to provide more independent, comprehensive and objective services to his clients.

Michael has appeared on NBC and ABC affiliates as a Financial Planning Consultant, and has written several print articles for newspapers on various planning topics. Michael often speaks at various educational seminars in the area.


Michael now works with a certain number of families to develop, implement and monitor comprehensive planning strategies. Michael works proactively to insure that his clients achieve long-term financial security through the coordination of Legal, Tax, Asset Protection and Investment strategies. Proper planning in this manner provides Michael and his clients with satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from achieving financial goals.